D.C. Crane Service is referred to as D.C. Crane for short, but the word 'Service' was purposely added as part of the full legal name because it is what we do,

.......Service our customers.

Getting the Job Done............

Established in 1992, we are dedicated to providing quality and timely professional services.  We implement that dedication by selecting qualified personnel and maintaining our equipment.  From the nuts and bolts to the paint job, we present and provide the best to the contractor.

Dan Connor, President of D.C. Crane is dedicated to the operation, maintenance and supervision of our cranes and their projects.  You can be assured of a one-on-one relationship with the person responsible for the work ethics of his operators and the service they are providing to the customer.

Experienced with single and multiple crane projects and working various size buildings, from single family residential to 20 story condominiums. 

Having the proper tools..................

Our customers have come to know that we provide the right equipment, with the certified and qualified personnel and a commitment to the best service for the needs of the customer.  We continue to provide the best in lifting services for flying forms, concrete pours, structural steel, pre-cast and specialized structures.  We review each project for boom reach, lift capacities and so much more.

Safety is always a key concern for us, whether involving people or equipment.  Our commitment to safety over the years has allowed us to serve our customers with one of the best safety records in our industry here in Florida.   

Hydraulic Truck                        Conventional Truck                    Rough Terrains                Crawlers

Mobile Towers                           Crawler Luffing Towers               "NEW'  115 TON Hydraulic Truck Crane